Volunteer Program

Application for Volunteer Service

You can join our elite corps of dedicated volunteers!  You can make a big difference in the quality of library service in your community by sharing your time and talent.

Library volunteers work side-by-side with staff in library activities.  There is an ongoing need for help around the library as listed under opportunities.

Volunteers are selected based upon their qualifications in relation to the needs of the library at any given time, and based on their ability to commit to a consistent schedule of volunteer hours, typically a weekly time slot of up to two hours.

Groups and families are encouraged to volunteer at Library events such as Summer Reading programs and special events, or to work in our garden.  For more information on how your group or family can volunteer, ask for Sandy.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Early Literacy:  Volunteers are needed to join our traveling storytime program.  Must be outgoing, spontaneous and FUN!  Time commitment is one hour maximum, once a week from September through May.  Car is needed to travel.  Will be trained in presenting our basic storytime to take to the local preschools with the possibility of checking books out to classes as well.

Gardening:  Got a green thumb?  We need your help maintaining our grounds!  Commitment variable.

General Volunteer:  Help keep the library a welcoming place.  Help is needed to maintain our cleanliness and order.  Duties include cleaning and straightening on a weekly basis.

Homework Helper:  We have a desire to create a homework help time after school hours during the school year.  Help is needed to develop our homework help cart and develop the program as well as actual staffing during the days/hours we decide.

Instructor:  If you possess any special skills such as ability to teach a specific craft or activity, we’d love to schedule things for our community members to take part in.  Volunteer your skills/time to the betterment of the entire community.

Maintenance:  Basic repair and maintenance skills required.  May include power washing, painting, carpet cleaning, basic repair chores.

Preliminary processing:  Readying materials for input into our Information System, to include stamping identifying marks on materials, inserting due date slips and more.

Shelf reader:  “reads” our shelves to ensure proper order.  Requires time and precision in alphabetizing as well numeric requiring multiple decimal points.  Precision is key as out of order books mean they are “lost” to us.

Summer Reading:  Aids in preparation of summer reading crafts and materials as needed.  Also helps with actual presentation and implementation of program.  Typically runs June through second week of July.  Requires a two hour per week time commitment.

Junior Volunteers:  The minimum age requirement for a volunteer is 16, exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for those under 16, providing they meet the requirements set by the library regarding motivation and dependability and work ethic.  Special consideration will be granted for group volunteer projects.  Written parental permission will be needed for any volunteer under the age of 18.

This is potentially your first exposure to  a “real world” job.  We will expect you to treat this as a job and afford us the respect and consideration, as we will do the same for you.  You are representing the LH Public Library when you are working for us and you should dress and act appropriately.


Dress Code – You must dress as an employee of the library.  Neatness counts.

No Shorts
No t-shirts with slogans
No bare shoulders
No flip-flops
Nothing you wouldn’t wear to school.

**Good choices….capris or jeans, nice shirt, polo for boys, tennis shoes or sandals

**You will be sent home if your clothing is unacceptable.

It is preferred you sign up for a regular weekly shift of no more than two hours.  If not possible, we will work with you to schedule weekly.  First come, first served on shift availability.  If you cannot make the scheduled time slot, PLEASE call 778-6400 asap.  Inability to call if you cannot make your scheduled shift will result in less available hours.

Upon arrival, store belongings (including cell phone) behind the desk on the bottom cupboard shelf.  Cell phones must be turned off or to silent and stored with belongings with no cell use or texting while working.  Sign in on volunteer sheet, wear Volunteer Nametag, check clipboard for job assignments.

Stay in the public areas unless you are escorted by an employee.  This is a place of business with personal information on file.  We respect our members and employees privacy and right to work in a professional manner and ask that unless you are a paid employee, you stay out of the business (behind the desk or back office) areas of the library.

DO NOT BRING SIBLINGS OR FRIENDS.  You will be asked to leave if you do so.

Please do not answer questions other than directional to the restroom questions.  Please direct the member to library staff.