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@ Liberty Hill Public Library

 Download the Complete Guide for the 2017 Summer Reading Program

We have summer reading programs for children, teens, & adults! Read, Have Fun, & Win Prizes! Enjoy All the FREE Programming at the Library!

Children’s Program (Birth to Age 12)

  • Sign-up and pick-up your reading log at the library any time on or after Monday, May
  • After you sign-up, you will Visit the Sorting Hat to find out what House (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin) to which you
  • Start reading for fun & come to all the great, fun, & free programs, activities, and events at the library! YOU DO NOT HAVE to participate in these to be a part of the summer reading program!
  • You earn prizes based on the amount of minutes you read – the more you read the more prizes you will win!
  • For every 5 minutes you read, are read to, or listen to a book, put an “X” through one Harry Potter on the back of your reading log. Each completed reading log = 300 minutes of reading!
  • Once you have marked through every Harry Potter on your reading log , come to the library and turn it
    • When you turn in your first completed reading log, we will take a picture of you with your favorite We will use your picture to make a poster, one will hang in the library and you will get to take one home (you can pick up your copy on your next trip to the library after having your picture taken).
  • NEW THIS YEAR! For each reading log you turn in you get to choose one prize and one spirit stick-you can keep reading and winning prizes all summer!
  • If you turn in 5 completed reading logs, that is 1,500 minutes, you will have a chance to win one of the 5 grand
  • Make sure to turn in any completed reading logs by 6:00pm on Sunday, July
  • Come to our closing ceremony, a birthday party for Harry Potter, on Monday, July 31, at 7:00pm.

Teen (Age 12-17) & Adult Programs (18 to 100+)

  • Sign-up and pick-up review tickets at the library any time on or after Monday, May
  • For each book that you read or listen to (electronic formats count!), fill out a review
  • Put your completed review ticket in to the drawing for the prize that you would like to have a chance to
  • We will have over 65 prizes that you will have a chance to win!
  • Keep reading, you can put in as many tickets, for as many prizes as you would like!