Free eBooks or eAudiobooks from the Library 24×7

Do you love your eReader?  Are you checking out free eBooks and eAudiobooks from the library with OverDrive?  With OverDrive   You can read or listen to them on Nooks, Kindles, iPads, your smart phone, right on your computer, or variety of other devices.  If you are downloading through the library fantastic!  If not it is time to get started! 

So how do you start?  Go to (homepage for the Central Texas Digital Consortium that we are part of) and click on the green “help” question mark on the right hand side of the page.  There are step-by-step instructions and how-to-videos that will help you get started.  We are always here for questions too!

Just a few tips, after you create your account and go to sign in on the Central Texas Digital Consortium home page (sign in is on the right at the top of the page), you will need to enter your library card number including the letters LHPLP in front of your number.  Your password is your phone number, including area code, with no dashes. You can also go to our online catalog, log in to your account at the top right and click on the OverDrive logo halfway down the page.  After you setup your free account you will need to download OverDrive Media Console and Adobe Digital Editions.  Then read the instructions for the best way to download items to your device.  Kindle users, for reasons known only to Amazon, your OverDrive account goes through their Web page.  Don’t worry,as long as you are downloading from the library via OverDrive it is free!

Items are checked out for two weeks at a time and you can check out up to 5 items at a time.  You can even place holds (limit of 3 holds per person) on items that are checked out.  Each electronic book or audiobook has a file in it that automatically “returns” it to OverDrive after the two weeks are up (Poof!  It just disappears off of your device!) but sometimes you are able to return them early if you are done with it.  That courtesy is much appreciated as electronic items are very popular.

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