So Do We Take Donations?

One of the most frequent questions we get is “do you take donations?”  The short answer is yes…but…  let’s clarify this a bit further for you.  Each year we get thousands of items that are generously donated by our patrons.  We truly appreciate each and every item that is donated but we can only use some of the items.  However, do not despair!  Your donations are still very useful to us as we sell books in the library and that money goes back into our budget.  What we cannot use or sell we donate to another nonprofit.  There is a bonus, anything you donate is tax deductible so make sure and ask for a donation receipt. 

Do we just accept donations of books?  Heck no!  We always can use DVDs and craft supplies but we cannot accept, for example, textbooks, magazines, or cassette tapes.  If you want to know if we will accept your donation (we will consider things not listed above as we need all sorts of things) just call (512778.6400) or email ( the Library Director, Angela Palmer, as she makes all the decisions about donations.  She will be very happy to talk to you and can even send you a copy of our official donation policy for you to read over.  So if you are feeling generous we hope that you consider donating to Liberty Hill Public Library!


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