Wish List






Invest in your community, donate time or resources to the Library.  I’ve been making a list of what we could use and thought I’d post it here in the hope that our community gets inspired to support locally.  Your donations to the Public Library go far and benefit EVERYONE!



*volunteer to coordinate a book sale benefiting the library
*volunteers for Traveling Storytime, weekly 30 minute commitment
*shelf of any type/size for lending library at LH resource center (LHPL supplies all books)
*digital camera
*office chairs (2)
*cardstock in colors
*someone to trim tree at front of library
*power washer and someone to power wash library
*decal application on our refinished return box **DONE THANK YOU RICH TULP!!!!
*garden work
*laptops for in-library use
*Friends of the Library group – someone to organize
*new computers
*monetary donations are always welcomed

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