Reaching far and wide…..

Yesterday I got an email from a tutor group.  The kids apparently have found the LH Library website useful and have contributed a link they want to share,  I added it to our resource pages as it is a good booklist, however what amazed me is that it looks like this tutoring group is not from our area.  I’ve emailed back and am waiting to hear where they are from, how they found us, and a little bit about them.

Little bitty Liberty Hill Public Library….making impact outside of our little community?  With the Internet, yes it is possible.  Most people know the library as a place, the physical building, but with technology, it is so much more, as we are finding.  Browse our website, contribute, give us feedback, correspond via phone, email, IM, F2F.  We are here and here for you.  Free.  Your community library…..not just a physical place.

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