What the library is all about

What a wonderful afternoon….Thursday after school, the kids are flooding into the library. Suddenly I notice we have 10 teenaged boys in the library, all different groups represented, but hanging out none-the-less. I have a checkers set … think BIG … set out on a table and I’m constantly amazed how many people sit down and play. People that don’t know each other.

Case in point. Two high school friends playing checkers. A young boy standing there watching them, obviously thinks the older boys are pretty cool. When the game is over, he asks if he can play. Some chair shuffling ensues, and the younger boy figures out who he is playing against…..and the game begins.

I was very impressed watching these teens play with the younger boy…..the could have creamed him, but they seemed to be having fun, let him learn a bit, didn’t take the obvious “wipe you out” moves. Eventually the younger boys mom walked up and stood there with her mouth open, amazed at what she saw. It did the heart good for everyone witnessing this interaction. THIS is what the Liberty Hill Public Library is about…..community building.

Can you tell I absolutely LOVE what I do?

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