Library Funding

First….let me tell you that this is pretty much a repost of an old blog from a few years ago. It’s pertinent information and I thought it merited another airing.

It is through donations that the library was established. It is through donations that the library will continue to flourish. As many in Liberty Hill are aware, the funding for the Library is entirely through sales tax revenue (NOT property taxes) that is generated by the businesses within our district boundaries (which follow the ISD boundaries). this means that of the 8.25% sales tax you pay when shopping in Liberty Hill, that .25% comes back to fund your public library. We are not a city, county or state library, so our funding is not through those sources, only through the sales tax revenue generated in Liberty Hill and various grants or donations received.

My reason for telling you this? To promote Liberty Hill! Each time you shop locally, rather than running to Georgetown, Leander or Cedar Park, you are supporting your library. As you can guess, sales are down due to this lovely economy and our income at the library has suffered. The library needs your help. Keeping sales within Liberty Hill will help. Donations of current book titles that we do not have will help. Cash donations always help us add to our collection. You can make a donation on our website through PayPal. Keeping your library open and offering the recent materials you want is our focus.

If you haven’t been to the library, pull into Lions Foundation park and head for the building in the back. We’d love to meet you and introduce you to our vast collection of DVD’s, books and audiobooks on CD, as well as our current releases….all just waiting to go home with you.

You’d be surprised how much your little local library has to offer. The lastest books form the best seller lists, free WiFi, high speed computers, advanced technology for accessing the library from your home, and personal service with a smile. Come on in, we’re here to serve you!

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